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Home-made extracts; Vanilla, Almond and Orange.

Last December I made a few bottles of vanilla extract. One for my own use and the other as a gift. Today I’ve made more vanilla extract as well as a few bottles of almond extract and orange extract. I go through a fair bit of these three previously store bought essences. Good/natural essences aren’t […]

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Deliciously Citrusy Almond and Polenta Cake.

I’ve been wanting to use polenta for years now. I finally have and it’s certainly earned a spot in my cake-baking repertoire. These days I reserve baking for special occasions however, sometimes I would like to have a cake in the tin that I can indulge in now and then with a cuppa, and preferably […]

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Making your own MIXED PEEL is a breeze

Making your own mixed peel is a breeze. It takes hardly any time at all but is a process that is completed over two days. Now’s the time to be making it. Backyard citrus trees are laden and christmas cake making time is just around the corner. I’ll be making my christmas cake next month […]

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