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Lemon Zucchini Loaf

Every gardener has a glut of zucchini and/or scallopini at this time of the year. Every year I grow four different types as these have become my reliable favourites. Growing these different types makes it more interesting as they all have different tastes and textures. I grow as pictured above cocozelle courgette, crook neck squash, […]

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Deliciously Citrusy Almond and Polenta Cake.

I’ve been wanting to use polenta for years now. I finally have and it’s certainly earned a spot in my cake-baking repertoire. These days I reserve baking for special occasions however, sometimes I would like to have a cake in the tin that I can indulge in now and then with a cuppa, and preferably […]

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Christmas cake

Making my christmas cake is something I look forward to each November. For me it is the first marker of the festive season. Every year I use a different recipe. Years ago I would diligently follow recipes searching for the perfect one. These days I’m inspired by one of my daughters who makes amazing cakes […]

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