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Different Narratives on the Covid Virus and Vaccines

Debunking the narrative with Professor Delores Cahill Robert Kennedy Jr interview with Patrick Bet-David  How to naturally detox from Mandatory vaccines  A conversation with Judy A Mikovitz A conversation with Robert Kennedy and Dr Theresa Deisher about the results of using fetal cells to manufacture vaccines. A conversation with Dr Vandana Shiva about agriculture and […]

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Orange, pistachio and cranberry biscuits

I went a bit crazy this Christmas and baked heaps of biscuits and shortbreads sweet and savoury. These flavoursome sweet biscuits were an absolute winner with everyone, and I’ll be making them again. Not for everyday eating but as a special treat they are just perfect. They would make a delightful festive gift. Crisp, dense, […]

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Persian Barbari (bread)

I have just recently returned from time in London with two of my adult children (now resident). I got happily hooked into watching re-runs of The Great British Bake-off on Netflix. We started from the first series and spent many evenings watching and discussing baking techniques as well as the different personalities of the contestants. […]

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