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Gluten/dairy free Christmas Cake.

This is the Christmas cake I used to make every year until the mood changed and my people stopped eating Christmas cake. I  would end up eating the whole thing myself slowly over a few months post Christmas but in truth the weather isn’t right for traditional Christmas cakes here in Aotearoa. My eldest daughter […]

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Christmas Stollen

Christmas just wouldn’t feel right without baking a stollen. It’s a traditional German bread with a deliciously moist centre of ground almonds. This year I’ll make some as christmas gifts. Yes they are a little bit fiddly and there are a few stages in the process but it’s so worth the effort. Making festive breads […]

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Christmas cake

Making my christmas cake is something I look forward to each November. For me it is the first marker of the festive season. Every year I use a different recipe. Years ago I would diligently follow recipes searching for the perfect one. These days I’m inspired by one of my daughters who makes amazing cakes […]

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