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Tutu Salve


65 gm Jar $NZ 25.95 plus postage and packaging


Our Tutu Salve is lovingly hand-made in small batches. We have been making this balm and supplying our Māori community for many years as Tutu is a familiar and traditional tissue trauma healer. Too good not to share we have added it to our Naturally by Trisha range. For deep bruises, sprains and strains to muscles, ligaments and bones, Fractures, broken bones and connective tissue. Deep tissue trauma, sports injuries. GROWING PAINS.

Ingredients: Olive oil, rice bran oil, beeswax, Tutu (tutupakihi), Kawakawa, Symphytum (comfrey leaf), Arnica, Willow bark and Bellis Perennis.

65 gm Jar $NZ 25.95 plus postage and packaging


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