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Solar X


This essential balm can be used for shrinking solar keratosis and fading age/sunspots.

65 gm Jar – $NZ24.95 plus postage and packaging



Sunspots/Age spots/Solar keratosis/Actinic keratosis
Our natural handmade Solar X balm is richly infused with herbal plants and extracts that are either grown organically in our gardens here at Naturally by Trisha, or harvested from our very own stand of rejuvenating native bush.
This essential balm can be used for shrinking solar keratosis and fading age/sunspots. All the plant extracts, are packed with anti-oxidant activity and when used in conjunction with a regular intake of Vitamin A have been shown to work on sun damaged skin.
Use daily more than once on the face, ears, back of hands, just anywhere that catches the sun.
A must for gardeners, farmers and sports people who spend an excessive amount of time exposed to the sun.

USES; After removal of solar keratosis. May shrink solar keratosis, fades sun spots/age spots. Use on areas prone to sun damage (ears, face and back of hands)


Olive Oil
Tinctures of
Red Clover
Burdock Root
Rose Light Essence

I am 42 and have very fair skin that was sadly quite damaged by the sun when I was younger which resulted in dry, red, scaly patches mainly on my hands and face. I used to get the patches burnt off my hands but they do come back even after the dry ice treatment. I have been using Solar X religiously at least twice a day for maybe 6 or 7 years now (could be longer but not sure exactly when I started using it).
Solar X has made an amazing difference and I rave about it to anyone who has similar issues. The patches on my hands are pretty much totally gone and I haven’t had dry ice treatment now for years. The patches on my face are massively reduced with just a couple of small patches that reappear in summer but are nowhere near as dry and scaly as they used to be.
I was so self conscious about my skin and it has made a massive difference so I can not rate this product highly enough its really fantastic !!
Thanks for a wonderful product and please don’t stop making it !
H.M. Wellington.


Dear Trisha,
Just in case you didn’t know it, your ointments are just great!
I had a growth on my temple, right next to my eye, which I assumed needed to be cut out. It was growing by the day and was a bit of a worry. Having your Solar x ointment on hand I decided to give it a try while waiting for a doctor (Oh woman of little faith!) I put a wee dab on several times a day. Two weeks later it has totally disappeared – not a spot of it to be found, just gone. I’m thinking of putting it on other little lumps and bumps now, and will keep you posted. Meanwhile I’m thrilled – thank you sooo much. I’ve been recommending them to people for ages, but it makes such a difference to see it working so well on oneself.

D C. France.

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