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Mothers Bottom Balm


65 gm Jar $NZ 25.95 plus postage and packaging


Naturally by Trisha are very excited to add this ingenious balm to our family.
We have blended almond oil and olive oil with natural beeswax to make for the softest and smoothest balm to apply to the pregnant mother’s perineum during and after pregnancy.
To the balm, we have added organically grown plant and flower extracts from our Naturally by Trisha gardens, and from our regenerating native bush.
These timeless plant extracts cover the whole range of tissue changes that the pregnant mum’s perineum can experience.
For the pressure in the pelvic area felt during pregnancy, engorgement of the vulval area and any varicose veins, vaginal or rectal.
For after the birth, for the stretched and traumatized tissue, bruising, cuts or grazes. Using this product during pregnancy will help tone the genital area which then assists with the delivery.
Pregnancy pressure to the perineum
Stretched or stretching perineal tissue
Bruised or grazed genitals
Cuts and lacerations
Varicose veins – vulval or rectal

Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Tinctures of:
Bellis Perennis
Horse chestnut
Rose Light Essence

NZ $25.95 per 65gm jar plus postage and packaging

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Weight 150 g