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Tomato relish

Rich, sweet and savoury this tomato relish is a fixture in my whānau pantry. My daughter says she’s “going shopping” whenever she pops in as there’s always something to take home from the garden or the pantry. And this my friends is how I like it. Truth be told it’s why I do it. All the vege and fruit growing and preserving, the eggs, all the chutney, jam amd jelly making is my practical way of loving my family. Years ago when visiting my london kids I packed up two long braids of my garlic and took them with me. I tried to declare them at Heathrow airport  but the customs/declaration room was empty so I just sailed on through. A bit different to NZ!! Such is my drive to share the fruits of my harvest.

Ingredients; 1.5 kgs ripe tomatoes, 4 large onions, 25g plain salt, 500gms white sugar (I use golden organic), 3 chillis, malt vinegar, 3 generous tablespoons molasses. For the thickener 1 generous TBS mustard, 1 TBS mustard powder and 2 TBS flour.

Method; Cut tomatoes and onions into chunks, sprinkle with the salt and leave covered overnight.

Next day pour off the liquid and put the tomatoes and onion into your preserving pan. Add the sugar, molasses, chillis and enough vinegar to cover.

Bring to the boil and simmer for one and a half hours. Next mix flour, curry powder and mustard ( (I use colmans hot english) to a smooth paste with a little cider vinegar. Add to the mixture and boil for 5 minutes making sure not to catch the relish on the bottom of the pan.

Put into hot clean jars and seal.

This is the best relish on a plain old cheese sandwich or a Huntly and palmers cracker. Enjoy!




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