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Peace and Restoration

It’s a while since I’ve put finger to keyboard to write my thoughts but here alone in my house, the rain outside gently falling and the occasional kereru flying into view just the other side of the window, I have the time and the urge. I literally want for nothing, my pantry full, my house warm and dry, my garden productive, my children and mokopuna¬† all healthy and well-provided for and yet how can this be; the world is literally turning to shit before my very eyes. I won’t go into why I believe this is happening but we can’t deny that this is the case. Here in little ole Aotearoa where we sit smuggly feeling “blessed” to be “kiwi’s” we begin to see the cracks and the lies.

I’ve literally had enough of the bull-shit and have retreated to focus on my home and garden, those dear to me and reconnecting with my natural rhythms, needs and wants. What a privilege/fluke to be able to even contemplate living like this while so many people are struggling with so much, just to survive. Coping with business failures, job losses, ill health, homelessness and so much more.

And yet here I stand sixty-five years earthside, realigning myself with earth and spirit. Is this the wisdom of the crone?¬† My hair’s turning grey keeping company with my wrinkles but what a freedom and a vitality I am finding. I don’t care so much now how others may find me or judge me. I’ve always lived just on the edge of what is deemed normal, rebellious against the status quo, longing for something better for society but it’s no matter now, cause here we are It seems. Is this the turning point?¬† To be self observant and self directed is critical for me now. Here lies peace and restoration. These were the very reasons I home-schooled my children. I wanted for them what I am now allowing for myself.

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  1. Love and light to you my sister. You words are totally beautiful you are a true gift to me and my family. We love you. I stand with you in this crappy world. xx

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