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Sharing feedback on our solar-x balm

Just wanted to share some feed-back that I received recently.
I am 42 and have very fair skin that was sadly quite damaged by the sun when I was younger which resulted in dry, red, scaly patches mainly on my hands and face. I used to get the patches burnt off my hands but they do come back even after the dry ice treatment.
I have been using Solar X religiously at least twice a day for maybe 6 or 7 years now (could be longer but not sure exactly when I started using it).
Solar X has made an amazing difference and I rave about it to anyone who has similar issues. The patches on my hands are pretty much totally gone and I haven’t had dry ice treatment now for years. The patches on my face are massively reduced with just a couple of small patches that reappear in summer but are nowhere near as dry and scaly as they used to be.
I was so self conscious about my skin and it has made a massive difference so I can not rate this product highly enough its really fantastic !!
Thanks for a wonderful product and please don’t stop making it !
Kind regards

2 thoughts on “Sharing feedback on our solar-x balm

  1. On a recent visit to NZ from Oz we were recommended Solar X by the very informative staff at the Honey Shop Taupo. The lady looked at my husbands skin and said her daughter had been using it with great success. He’s been using it for three months and the difference to the condition of his skin is really quite remarkable.. Thatsvwhy we are back on this site.. to order more. Thanks for an excellent product

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