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Fresh fruit juice.

Got a problem with too many apples? There’s a few different things you can do to store them. You can preserve stewed apples in jars or you can freeze them. Try making your own apple cider vinegar or freeze freshly made apple juice. That’s what I’m doing today. I’m making apple and feijoa juice and freezing it. Yup you guessed it. I’ve also got a problem (joke) with too many feijoas. Feijoas do make a really good chutney. I also freeze the pulp in little snaplock bags for winter puddings and winter smoothies. They sweeten up amazingly from freezing. I’m lucky enough to have a powerful juicer that will take a whole apple. All I have to do is give them a wash and put them through the juicer, no peeling and no coring. I’ve added a good cup of feijoa pulp to each load and this makes a really nice juice, fresh and not too sweet. I add a teaspoon of Vitamin C powder to each bottle too. It’s a natural antioxidant and preservative and gives an extra vitamin C boost for winter when you most need it. I’ll be bringing these bottles out during the winter months. I had a whole stash of Goji bottles which I’ve used as they are pharmaceutical grade and non leaching. You can use glass bottles as well but avoid using plastic as it will leach toxins into the juice.

Feijoa pulp ready to go into the juicer.

Fruit into the machine

Nectar of the Gods

Adding the vitamin C powder to the bottle

And of course the juice

You can absolutely use glass bottles but make sure not to fill them to the top. This allows expansion of the juice as it freezes, without breaking the bottle. The best idea is to put glass bottles into the freezer without the lids on and cap them once the liquid is frozen. I’ve been putting down about five bottles every few days. It only takes around half an hour to do and so worth it. Once defrosted and opened, the juice easily lasts for a week in the fridge. Enjoy!





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    1. Hi Trevor, I don’t have quantities, sorry I just process the fruit in a juicer and bottle what comes out the other end.

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