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This winter as always, I was determined not to succumb to the bot. Sadly it sneaked in the back door when I wasn’t looking. I dosed myself up with all my usual remedies, Vit C, echinacea, cayenne pepper, lemon and honey drinks, kumarahou and kawakawa tonics, and consequently I wasn’t actually ever sick enough to warrant any time in bed or any days off work. What got me in the end was “The Cough” It came on every evening at 8pm and continued until 2am. It didn’t matter whether I was in bed or out of bed, inside or outside, in the bath or by the fire. It was a horribly persistent and at times quite violent cough, which after 10 days was still going strong. By now I was really exhausted. A friend suggested using an onion in my room at night. I did and was quite blown away by the result. She has been doing this for her family for years and it has always worked for night coughs apart from when her boy had whooping cough.

So what you do is you chop an onion into chunks (don’t worry about the skin) and put it inside a muslin bag or you can use a tea towel and a rubber band.

Place the bagged onion by your pillow so that it is quite near your face.

I hung it over my headboard. The first night I did this I started coughing at my usual time of 8pm. I took myself off to bed at around 10pm ( still coughing ) accompanied by an onion. I closed my bedroom door and got into bed ( still coughing ) After a few more coughs I quickly fell asleep and as they say the rest is history. I needed to have an onion in my bedroom for three more nights and you need to use a fresh onion each time. I really wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t experienced it myself. The cough was so persistent and so violent and a single onion stopped it dead in it’s tracks. No sugar needed to help this medicine down.

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19 thoughts on “RAW ONION versus NIGHT COUGH

  1. My little boy aged 3 has been coughing non stop.. Dr gave me the usual nasel spray etc etc but it wasn’t working… Chopped an onion and put it by his night stand..hrs gone from hacking and coughing a violent phlegmy cough to sound asleep…IT WORKS and he’s not full of pointless drugs too.

  2. I thought it sounded like an old wive´s tale….but

    this does work – I tried it last night and had a full night´s sleep without coughing and didn´t wake up coughing as I had been doing, and not much catarrh.

    I cut the onion into 4, put it in a bowl at the end of my bed, wasn´t at the side of my face and it still did the trick.

    Previously I´d tried medicine, humidifier, Vicks vapour rub, Olbas oil etc…. but to no avail.

  3. I have used an onion by my bed and it does work on alot of things , I have a bad cough with a lot of mucus I will try it tonight . Wish me good luck…

  4. I just want to confirm that this definitely works. I’ve used it for years for my children and myself. I think it is the vapor that comes out of the freshly cut onion (the stuff that makes your eyes tear up) that keeps your airways moistened, which curbs the cough. I have always simply put the onion in a plate on the night stand, besides the person’s head while they are sleeping. In the morning, the room does stink of onion, but it doesn’t last. As Trisha wrote, you need to use a fresh onion every night that you need to do this.

  5. I have been coughing dry for days and my throat was already aching. I need to try this tonight. Hope this will work!!! I wish that my roommates will not complain by the odor of the onion tho

  6. This works! My three year old son has a worsening cough. Sounds like it is going deeper and deeper, but only coughs at night. The last two nights we have placed a bowl of sliced onion on his bed side table and almost immediately the coughing stopped. I am amazed!

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