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Make your own apple cider vinegar Part two

I figured it was time I got around to straining off my apple cider vinegar. See Make your own cider vinegar Part one. Well over a year has passed since I had put it down and it was a grey and rainy Sunday, just perfect for mucking around in the kitchen.

My old flagon bottles filled with last years apple juice now should have quite a dense sediment on the bottom and ideally a good plug of dense jellyish stuff on the uppermost surface of the liquid.

Strain the vinegar off into clean bottles. I used a small funnel with a piece of clean cotton cloth over top to collect most of the sediment.

Try not to disturb the sediment too much whilst you pour your vinegar into the clean bottles. Some of the sediment will get through your cloth and that is ok. Over time this will form a ‘mother’ in your finished product.

I gave them all the taste test. One tasted musty and another batch was too bland so these both were thrown out. The rest tasted really nice. Sharp and strong.

I’ve managed to make enough vinegar for a good few years. Organic, homemade and packed with goodies for your digestive system. Each bottle has a slightly different flavour and acidity. Surprisingly the lighter coloured ones are stronger than the darker ones. I think I’ll be having a shot each morning before my breakfast. Cheers!

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