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More praise for the Solar-X Balm

Dear Trisha,

Just in case you didn’t know it, your ointments are just great!
I had a growth on my temple, right next to my eye, which I assumed needed to be cut out. It was growing by the day and was a bit of a worry. Having your Solar x ointment on hand I decided to give it a try while waiting for a doctor (Oh woman of little faith!) I put a wee dab on several times a day. Two weeks later it has totally disappeared – not a spot of it to be found, just gone. I’m thinking of putting it on other little lumps and bumps now, and will keep you posted. Meanwhile I’m thrilled – thank you sooo much. I’ve been recommending them to people for ages, but it makes such a difference to see it working so well on oneself.

Deborah Collins (France)

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