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Glowing praise for the Solar-X Balm

Here is a fantastic letter I received from a customer the other day, wanting to share in the hope that others may benefit. ??

“I am a middle aged NZ male, who although very healthy was diagnosed, over a year ago with DSAP, Actinic Keratosis, a nasty type rash all over my legs, and on my feet mainly.?This had a ring worm look to it, and the itching was to the point that i scratched my legs to bleeding, on regular occasions, just drove me mad!, plus it just looked terrible, that one couldn’t wear shorts!?All the Skin specialists could offer, was that there is no cure, or easy fix to this, and suggested such things as laser removal,? photodynamic therapy, cyrotherapy, etc?and some immunoid creams such as Aldara, i tried the Aldara, to no positive outcome. Also tried the usual steroid ointments, to no avail.?I was introduced to Trisha’s Solar x, in a health store, and thought what the heck, since i have been using this, probably onto around my 6th bottle of it, the Keratosis has in fact got lighter, and disappeared on my legs, the keratosis lumps have gradually, reduced, to the point, there is very little itching any more, i feel my legs are starting to look quite normal again.?I?would add that i have also been taking Waihi Bush?Flax seed oil, (flax boost)?1 tablespoon of this, since January, although i had a disposition of Atopic Eczema on my body, this seems to have disappeared too, i think the Flax Seed oil has also made a huge difference, plus i am taking vitamin A capsules, as recommended by Trish.?I think this ladies” a saint”, who seems to have a gift ,?? i wish to share my thoughts , that i may assist others, and certainly recommend these products, as above.”

Gary Buchan?15th June, 2011

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