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Breakfast Smoothie

Here is the smoothie that I have been drinking every day and I’m addicted. I am lucky enough to be able to purchase raw, organic and unpasteurised milk. My friend gave me a caspian yoghurt bug and I use this to turn my milk into delicious fresh yoghurt.


Yoghurt (1-2 cups)

1 fresh organic egg

Honey to taste (1 desertspoon)

Coconut oil to taste (1tsp -1 desertspoon) Read more here on coconut oil

Spirulina to taste (1 tsp) Read here for the benefits of spirulina

Vitamin C powder (1/4 tsp)

Aloe vera gel from a fresh leaf  Read here for the benefits of aloe vera gel

1 cup fresh fruit; blueberries and pear, banana and kiwifruit, blackberries and feijoas, tamarillo and banana, strawberries and pear, pineapple and blueberry, peach and nectarine, plum and peach. The choice is yours but fresh, organic and local is usually best. Taste-wise and nutritionally. I always try to have one red, blue or purple fruit in my smoothie, because as we know reddish food is jam-packed with antioxidants. That way I have one good daily dose of them. This summer we had the best blackberry season ever. I was able to pick kilos every day and put them straight into the deep-freeze in snap-lock bags. I did the same with feijoas and strawberries.

Put everything into a tall jug and whiz until blended. Enjoy!



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