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Jan Scholten Seminar

Recently I attended a three day homeopathic seminar with Jan Scholten, a truly gifted and dedicated homeopath from the Netherlands. He has been developing an homeopathic system for over twenty years now and has opened up wide the mineral and plant kingdoms of remedies. Formulating a way of thinking that incorporates the periodic table to such a depth and precision it is truly inspired. It is such a joy to be able to use this system.

We were fortunate enough to be able to have a stand there to promote our wonderfulbalms and creams to the New Zealand Homeopathic community. As usual our Solar-x and our Forever Face Cream were great hits.

We shared the space with Narayana Publishers, publishers of homeopathic books and mags and needless to say I have come home with an armload of delights.

A big thank you to John and Jennifer for organising the seminar and also for giving us the opportunity to have the stand


trish and Den


Jan and John

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