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Biochemic Tissue Salts for Pregnancy

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If I had understood the support that biochemic tissue salts offer I would have taken a course of them during each of my pregnancies. A whole being is being created from scratch, and uses the nutrition the pregnant woman takes in and also uses her own stores of minerals, elements and vitamins. For more details read the full post

Most women understand the significance of Iron during pregnancy as their stores can be quickly used up causing complications for themselves, the birth process, and post-partum recovery. The symptoms of low-iron are often obvious and indeed usually tested for during pregnancy, but the depletion of other elements such as the calciums goes unremarked upon. Sometimes pregnant mums will have problems with their teeth, their circulation (varicose veins) with ligament pain for example. This is where the cell salts come in. They supply a constant but changing need for minerals during the different stages of development of the foetus.




2nd and 6th month: Calc Fluor 6x + Mag Phos 6x + Ferr Phos 6x

3rd and 7th month:  Calc Fluor 6x + Mag Phos 6x + Nat mur 6x

4th and 8th month:  Calc Fluor 6x + Nat Mur 6x + Silica 6x

5th and 9th month:  Calc Fluor 6x + Ferrum Phos 6x + Silica 6x


One tablet is taken three times daily. There are four sets of combinations each of which is taken for one month so that in the fifth month the woman takes the first set once again. The programme is designed for the full term of the pregnancy and starts at the beginning of the second month. If this is not the case just pick up wherever you are at in your pregnancy.

Homeopathic treatment during your pregnancy is also recommended. Pregnancy is the ideal time to undertake in depth constitutional treatment, this can often assist with an easier birth process for mother and child.

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