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The Breakfast

This is the breakfast that will supply heaps of nutrients and keep your sugar levels balanced for much of the day. I have given this recipe to many of my patients who just didn’t know what to have for breakfast. Most of them now swear by it. It stops you craving junk food during the day. You simply don’t think about eating rubbish because your body has got what it needs, in the form of slow release energy. It is best to try to use organic ingredients. If it is the only organic food you eat, it is worth the little bit of extra cost to get the maximum benefit.

2 desertspoons whole rolled oats.

1 desertspoon dessicated coconut

1 desertspoon sunflower seeds

1 desertspoon pumpkin kernels

1 desertspoon raisins

1 desertspoon linseed powder

3 almonds

1 dried apricot

2 brazil nuts

2 walnuts.

Make it up each day so that you get the right amount of everything. I have jars set up in my pantry where I keep just these things, making it less of a hassle to prepare. Soaking it overnight is good too, making nutrients more available. I soak it in water and then add rice milk or organic cows milk just before eating. I used to top the breakfast with fresh fruit but have now I find eating fruit an hour away from grains is much better for my digestive system. Instead I add a good topping of my homemade yoghurt and it’s delish.

My nephew who is at secondary school calls this his brain food, as he has noticed that when he has it on school days, he is much more alert and always makes sure he has it before exams! In the winter when I want a warm breakfast I just turn it into porridge. Happy eating.

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