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CLEARING UP CONFUSION Last night I had a phone call from one of my homeopathic clients who has been purchasing my balms for over 5 years. She told me that she had been into a local chemist and had seen what looked like my products but on closer inspection weren’t my products.

I explained to her that my former business partner of only 9 months, Kerry Travis has started a new business called Naturally by New Zealand Ltd. Kerry is utilizing the recipes I personally have developed over the last 10 years. However I am not manufacturing the products that Kerry is selling. Kerry has contacted some of my retail outlets seeking orders, but again these are not my products.

I will now personally be trading under the name Naturally by Trisha just like before and providing you with the same carefully hand-made products as I have in the past. In the next few weeks an exciting range of my newly developed creams will be available. If you would like to receive a brochure or more info on the creams, please email me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share my beliefs and ideals behind the development and creation of my beautiful products. The integrity of my products and company is of paramount importance. I have the blessings of my Waitaha Grandmothers to use the rongoaa, which I gather or grow in a sustainable way using appropriate tikanga (protocols).

The special properties of my balms, which have been “tried and true for many years”, come from the healing energies activated, when each batch is lovingly made. I continue to humbly ask for your continued support and custom at this challenging time, and would like to thank everyone who has rung or emailed me to wish me well. Trisha

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