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Aches and Pains

Talking About my aches and pains Balm. This humble little balm is probably the most underestimated in the range. And yet when I do get feed-back it is always one of gratitude to the effectiveness of this product.

Pain is something that we often keep to ourselves but it can be a constant, and debilitating symptom that wears us down and often limits our ability to do quite simple everyday activities. Aches and pains can arise from recent or old injuries to bone, ligaments, muscle, cartilage or nerve tissue. Such injuries and trauma to the body often take longer to heal than we are happy to allow. Most of the time we don’t allow for proper mending, and just want the pain to go away. We take internal analgesics and often force our bodies to function normally, by masking the pain, even though healing is not yet accomplished.

My Aches and Pains Balm supports all of the aforementioned tissues (bone, ligament, muscle, cartilage and nerves) whilst healing happens, and also giving some relief from pain. Recently I was told by someone who had tooth-ache radiating down one side of her face and lower jaw that her pain had disappeared after applying this balm. Another person told me that after applying this balm to her childs severe bruising for a few days in a row she noticed that her hand that she used to apply the balm, which had an old injury to the bones and constantly ached, had stopped hurting.

When I have been going hard out working in the garden and feel very seized up in the shoulders and upper back, I now apply Aches and Pains Balm before bed. In the past I would be as stiff as a board next day but find I suffer no after effects from my over-exertion in the garden. This balm proves useful for the pain of sciatica and neuralgia. The Kawakawa and the St John’s Wort components have a direct action on nerves and nerve endings.

Winter, when it’s cold and damp is often when our old injuries and our rheumaticy joints play up and remind us that we may not be as young as we used to be. Regular applications of Aches and Pains Balm can literally put a bounce in your step. Another feed-back was from an elderly woman who after applying the balm to her rheumaticy hips had lost her limp and was looking and feeling quite younger and more sprightly.

It can be used as well as a massage wax. I have been told by several massage therapists how deeply it works for people and they are happy to recommend it to their clients. One person rubs their hands together vigorously with the balm and it generates such a heat it seems to penetrate the tissue very deeply, and effectively act upon all those tissues that need support.

I would like to add also that plain gelatine granules that you buy from the supermarket, is a very cheap way to support damaged connective tissue during healing. Just mix a spoonful with water and swill down. We are often encouraged to purchase expensive products but grandma’s old remedies can be just as effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

We underestimate the damage bruises to muscle and bones cause to our bodies. It can set up little areas of chronic inflammation in the tissue. Helping the body to get rid of all the blood seepage that causes the discoloration of a bruise and to assist bruised or broken bones to heal well is something Aches and Pains Balm is excellent at. Every parent should be applying it to her rugby players after the game.

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