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Hi Tricia,
the solar X arrived safely and in just 2 days it's made the world of difference to my hands. No longer does the sun damaged back of my hands look scaley, dry and full of red patches from dry ice treatment, cant believe it and the Solar x doesn't leave them feeling and looking 'greasy' like some products I have been recommended.

The backs of my hands look soft and supple, no dry, scaley, spots which is amazing as I have seen a Dermatologist and G.P and used their recommendations. Their creams tended to give a very 'greasey' look and feel, and within an hour or two my hands looked aweful again. Solar X applied at 8pm leaves me with 'beautiful, soft looking hands' when I wake up....that's never happened before.

A.M. Tauranga.



Hi there,
I have had a skin problem for a couple of years and have had a real problem trying to cure it.
I have been to the doctor several times, used quantities of prescribed cleansers, moisturizers and creams.
I've been to shops and spent a small fortune trying to procure a remedy, but to no avail.
But your Everyday balm has made a wondrous difference to my skin! It is literally the only product I've ever used to do so. Thanks for restoring my faith in natural products! I'm in love with the stuff

S.J.B. Waikato



Hi Trish

 I have been meaning for some time now to write to you regarding your everyday balm. (I call this my magic ointment)

My hubby was diagnosed with throat cancer a year ago and had to under go 35 sessions of radiation. With the result the radiation burnt his neck so badly. The hospital recommended using aquasious cream to sooth it. This was no help at all and someone at work recommended I use your cream. Well to my astonishment you could see the cream healing within the first few days.  Within 2 weeks it was all healed. He continued with the radiation and used the cream everyday till he completed his sessions.  What a fantastic cream. Anyone having burns from radiation should try this balm. Fantastic.   Cant praise it enough. You should actually put it on your label that it helps with radiation burns. We recommended it to the doctors and nurses at the hospital as well.






I have been using your viral salve for the last 2 years. I must say this has change my life so much!
I am writing you all the way from Costa Rica.

I have had cold sores in my lips since I was a kid, and I should say that I had tried every single remedy possible from split onions, ice, tea bags, garlic, toothpaste, alum, a very long list of etc. so so many things! And even the medical solutions such as aciclovir and zovirax pills, ointment, in every form possible.

Nothing, nothing has worked as your viral salve, not only does it stop the cold sore if I notice it on time, but if I do have an outbreak it will take less than 3-4 days to be good as new, reducing time in half or more. And my outbreaks have also become less frequent.

Actually it is really hard to explain how much it means to have a real effective cure for cold sores. My message comes after a long conversation with a friend on the hundreds of natural remedies, medications, etc. we have both tried and how none compare to the viral salve. It not only brings the relief to the cold sore, but also the peace of mind.
This has really really been amazing for me and thank you for this miracle balm!
I have passed it along to a couple of friends as well who have also had very positive results.

Thank you so much!


M.C. (name supplied)







Dear Trisha,

Love your products. I have varicose dermatitis and your product is the only thing that gives me any relief.

I also used the Viral salve once I discovered it for a hideous dose of Shingles a couple of months ago and it helped as well.

I'm getting that again for one of my darling little granddaughters who gets nasty coldsores.

I reckon if it could help shingles it will help her.

Thank you so much.

Warmly Gloria



Hi Trisha,
I am 42 and have very fair skin that was sadly quite damaged by the sun when I was younger which resulted in dry, red, scaly patches mainly on my hands and face. I used to get the patches burnt off my hands but they do come back even after the dry ice treatment.
I have been using Solar X religiously at least twice a day for maybe 6 or 7 years now (could be longer but not sure exactly when I started using it).
Solar X has made an amazing difference and I rave about it to anyone who has similar issues. The patches on my hands are pretty much totally gone and I haven't had dry ice treatment now for years. The patches on my face are massively reduced with just a couple of small patches that reappear in summer but are nowhere near as dry and scaly as they used to be.
I was so self conscious about my skin and it has made a massive difference so I can not rate this product highly enough its really fantastic !!
Thanks for a wonderful product and please don't stop making it !
Kind regards
Helen Mechen



Hi Trisha


I have been using the viral salve for my coldsores which has been the most amazing product I have ever seen or used. It works like no other product I have ever tried. R.M.





Hi Trisha,


I just wanted to say what a fan I am of your Forever Face Cream which I have been using for the past several months every morning and night. Unlike other moisturisers that I have used over the years your Forever Face Cream leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and I can honestly say for the first time ever I have noticed a difference to the fine lines around my eyes which are certainly looking less pronounced than before. Thanks so much, it has become my wonder cream which I will be recommending to all I know!


Vanessa Nichols





Dear Trisha,

Just in case you didn't know it, your ointments are just great!
I had a growth on my temple, right next to my eye, which I assumed needed to be cut out. It was growing by the day and was a bit of a worry. Having your Solar x ointment on hand I decided to give it a try while waiting for a doctor (Oh woman of little faith!) I put a wee dab on several times a day. Two weeks later it has totally disappeared - not a spot of it to be found, just gone. I'm thinking of putting it on other little lumps and bumps now, and will keep you posted. Meanwhile I'm thrilled - thank you sooo much. I've been recommending them to people for ages, but it makes such a difference to see it working so well on oneself.

Deborah Collins



I am a middle aged NZ male, who although very healthy was diagnosed, over a year ago with DSAP, Actinic Keratosis, a nasty type rash all over my legs, and on my feet mainly.

This had a ring worm look to it, and the itching was to the point that i scratched my legs to bleeding, on regular occasions, just drove me mad!, plus it just looked terrible, that one couldn't wear shorts!
All the Skin specialists could offer, was that there is no cure, or easy fix to this, and suggested such things as laser removal, photodynamic therapy, cyrotherapy, etc and some immunoid creams such as Aldara, i tried the Aldara, to no positive outcome.Also tried the usual steroid ointments, to no avail.
I was introduced to Trisha's Solar x, in a health store, and thought what the heck, since i have been using this, probably onto around my 6th bottle of it, the Kerartosis has in fact got lighter, and disappeared on my legs, the keratosis lumps have gradually, reduced, to the point, there is very little itching any more, i feel my legs are starting to look quite normal again.
I would add that i have also been taking Waihi Bush Flax seed oil, (flax boost) 1 tablespoon of this, since January, although i had a disposition of Atopic Eczema on my body, this seems to have disappeared too, i think the Flax Seed oil has also made a huge difference, plus i am taking vitamin A capsules, as recommended by Trish.
I think this ladies" a saint", who seems to have a gift , i wish to share my thoughts , that i may assist others, and certainly recommend these products, as above.
Gary Buchan NZ
15th June, 2011


Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know how amazed I was with your products.
A family member suggested I try the viral salve after she saw my cold sore. She said she used it years ago and she had never got another cold sore again. I couldn't get your salve fast enough!!! I have suffered from cold sores for YEARS. Nothing has ever worked for me, nothing ever!. I have tried everything I could think of from every cream and lysine tablet etc, and going to a few different doctors and being prescribed courses of tablets to take for a month etc etc.......the list goes on.
I would have an outbreak once a month on average, and if I get a cold I can guarantee it would pop out as soon as I would wipe my nose! My cold sores would get so big and nearly always end up inside my nose and they are so painful. On the first day of the outbreak one side of my face depending on what side the cold sore was on, would go all cold and tingly sting to the touch, my eye would hurt and I just feel generally yuck. Then once the cold sore is out it would take a couple of weeks to heal up, after all the cracking and bleeding.
Anyway I brought some of your viral salve and it has been a saviour!
The last cold sore (which by the way was over 4 months ago) was soooo tiny and it healed up very fast.
Thank you so much!!
I really thought nothing would ever work on me.
Kind regards
M.B. Taranaki

I came across your products in the chemist when in despair I went to try and find a soothing cream for my 6 month old boy.
He developed eczema which became nasty very quickly and I used a variety of different products on it with little change.
He scratched off a large patch of skin with itching and I did not want to go down the track of getting prescribed medication for it.
I used the Everyday Balm twice a day and after 3 days where he had scratched was healed with brand new skin (the scabs had gone) and was so smooth, (it had been scaly for a couple of months).
I have recommended this cream to several friends whose babies are also suffering skin irritations.
Many thanks for providing such wonderful natural products.
Kind regards
Cherise Pendergrast North Shore


Teenage Cream has cleared up long-lasting acne, scarring and broken blood vessels have been alleviated. Overall skin is softer and a more consistent tone. A.C. Auckland


I have been using Trishas Calm Comfort Cream for eczema over the past few months with great results.

For the first time in many years my hands are free of eczema and I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with similar skin problems.

K Shepherd Hibiscus Coast


" My son has dreadful athletes foot and using your fungal salve has been a god send. His feet healed completely within a couple of days of using the salve.... Brilliant!!!

Jill Kessner West Auckland


"This is the face cream I have been longing for - I am now in my forties and have dry, fair skin which has had plenty of exposure to UV both in Australia and NZ. Trisha gave me a jar of Forever Face Cream to trial and my skin has never felt better- it is soothing, healing and moisturising ALL IN ONE - thank you!!"

Anna Dowling, North Auckland



Thanks very much Trisha, I love your balms and I am looking forward to trying your new creams very much! I have a really bad burn that is healing up so well with the Everyday Balm at the moment! It seems quite miraculous!

KD Vic Australia


"My baby has severe eczema all over her body caused by allergies. I've been using the Everyday Balm and it is the first product which has cleared up her eczema, other than nasty steroids which I want to avoid using at all costs. She's 8mths old and has had her eczema since she was about 6wks old, and for the first time I can remember I can expose her skin without her trying to scratch herself till she bleeds.

I've attached before & after pictures to show you how wonderful your product truly is."

Andrea Staniford

Stanmore Bay, Auckland



I have been using Trisha's ointment with such success I just had to say how it has helped me. I had my gallbladder removed and have been so ill with reaction to everything I ate the result was I have been suffering badly with hemorrhoids. A new product just released called Pile it on has been a life saver. I am delighted to recommend this ointment as its healing power is miraculous. I now have my life back on line, by leaving a few things out of my diet, and using this product.

P. Caitcheon, Auckland


I have been using Trisha's Aches and Pains ointment for the healing of my bruises and tendons (achilles tendon) which I sustained during rugby. I found that it relieved my pain rather well. My bruising and sore tendons were soothed by the ointment to give me comfort and ease.

Tony Johnson, Silverdale


I have been using Trisha's Pile it on cream for varicose veins for the past six months. Initially it relieved the heat that I used to feel around my veins. After prolonged use it has taken away the itching and swelling. My varicose veins now look a lot less pronounced. I would recommend others to try this treatment. The veins on my legs were so bad that surgery had been advocated as the only solution. I feel this cream has relieved my condition extremely.

J.V. Brewin Brown, Dairy Flat.


I have been using Trisha's ointments for over ten years and have not found any other product that comes close to them in quality.

As a builder, cuts and bruises are common, so The warrior balm and Aches and Pains are an essential part of my First Aid box. The warrior balm is my especial favourite, which I use to soothe burned skin and chapped lips, but mostly on cuts and grazes, where its healing power is tangible and miraculous.

I'm delighted to recommend Trisha's ointments to anyone.

Andy Hamilton, Tahekeroa


Trisha's ointments are an essential part of our family's everyday healthcare and first aid. We use Trisha's ointments for cuts, grazes, burns, sunburn (it really takes the sting out), cracked heels, eczema, insect bites and stubborn infected sores. We also use it as a handcream and lip balm. We use Trisha's ointments for anything that needs soothing, smoothing or deep healing. We use them on out horses wounds and irritations as well.

Recently a jar of Trisha's Ointments was misplaced and I realised just how often we use this product. On one day before we found it, I looked for it eight times, that was in a single day.

Jenny Woods, Helensville


I keep Everyday Balm in our First Aid box at home and use it for all minor cuts, grazes and burns. It is great for when the children graze their knees as it acts as an antiseptic and helps the wound to heal quicker.

My youngest child is very prone to nappy rash and Baby Bottom Balm is very effective in eradicating it. The ointment instantly soothes and is very healing.

Liz de Kort, Whangaparaoa


I have had Lupus for the past six years. I have found using Trisha's Warrior balm good for my rash and scars.

A M Lord, Red Beach

Over the years I have had numerous leg ulcers and found them very hard to heal. After going to my doctor and the Ulcer Clinic, I did not get much relief. I then decided to get in touch with my niece, Trisha Curtis who was a Homeopath. After discussing the situation, she gave me a small pot of TheWarrior Balm, which after only a short treatment, did absolute wonders. Within no time the ulcers healed and I have recommended this to other people. I can't thank my niece enough for this amazing healing process.

Margaret Burrows, Grey Lynn


Trisha's ointments, the indispensable item if you are stranded on a desert island, under the All Blacks' pack or fending off dragons from your Sunday barbecue. In other words: they work for everything.

Patricia Maché. Te Puke


I have been using Trisha's ointments for many years. It has replaced all other creams in my medicine cabinet.

I have used Trisha's ointments to soothe and heal sore nipples whilst breastfeeding, knowing my baby is perfectly safe should he swallow any. Every spot, blister, graze and cut has been healed, and bee and wasp stings instantly soothed. My children just call it the 'magic' cream.

It is also marvelous for burns and sunburn. My children carry a small pot of Everyday balm in their schoolbags to soothe any scratches or minor cuts they get during their schoolday and my daughter uses hers specifically for cracked dry lips. Baby Bottom Balm is the perfect gift for any new mum, as it is especially effective against nappy rash. At the first sign of redness I use a small bit and it is gone overnight. A little goes a long way and it smells beautiful.

Gaylene Layton, Puhoi


Within a short period of time of using the cream, viral-salve, the itchiness and painfulness all calmed down, applying it 4-5 times a day. Best thing I've used in the 30 years of having herpes. Also it cleared up the sore clusters much quicker.

RC, London


I have been using Trisha'sPile It On for nearly three weeks. In that time I have experienced a significant reduction of swelling in the varicose veins.

I also have associated lesions on both legs - caused by varicose veins - and conducted a ten day experiment. I used a cortisone cream (prescribed by a skin specialist) on one leg and and Trisha's Ointment on the other. Trisha's cream proved more effective and by now the lesions are almost gone.

P Dowling, Army Bay


I have suffered from solar keratosis on my nose for many years. Various treatments have given temporary relief but the problem always recurs.

Since being introduced to Solar-X Ointment on one of my frequent visits to N.Z. the problem has been resolved and I have no sign of the complaint. Thanks Trish. You're not just a good sort.

Phil Cawthorne, Woy Woy, Australia


I am 32 weeks pregnant (with twins) and have, for many weeks had an itchy, tight, often red and irritated tummy, due mainly to stretched blood vessels and veins.

I have tried many oils and lotions that have alleviated some symptoms. However, ALL DISCOMFORT has gone since using Mothers belly balm ---the redness, the itchiness and my tummy feels so much more elasticated (which is good---still more growing to do) And I have no stretch marks!

Carrying twins I also have haemorrhoids and vaginal vein pressure which once again is greatly soothed by the herbs and almond oil in Pile It On. I don't know where I'd be without it -----thanks Trisha

A.D, Kaukapakapa


My leg was injured in a fall. It had hurt for 2 weeks, even having taken remedies for it. Trish suggested putting Aches and Pains cream onto the affected site three times a day. The pain felt like the bone was bruised, and the leg was twisted, so I was limping.

Then within 3 days of doing this regime my pain disappeared and hasn't returned, even when I am on my feet all day at my job. Thank you again.

Denise Cawthorne, Whangarei