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Best Red Sauce

Posted by Tricia on 24 October 2015 | 6 Comments

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This is the perfect red sauce, it was taught to me rather a long time ago by my very first boyfriend whose parents were Italian. It's ready in half an hour but has enough depth to satisfy. I like to serve this sauce with my Gnocchi alla Romana

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Posted by Tricia on 24 June 2012 | 8 Comments

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I'm not sure why I have resisted green smoothies for so long. One reason perhaps is because I don't have a proper blender, let alone one of those high powered jobs that people who make green smoothies always recommend. I've always found my stick blender sufficient for making my favourite yoghurt smoothie. Another thing I resist is buying greens. I want them freshly picked from the garden and still buzzing with vitality. Last week, I gave the green smoothie a go with my old faithful stick blender and it worked well enough. Every winter I am recommended by my wonderful osteopath to consume fresh, young raw greens. My gut goes into stagnation around this time of year and needs chlorophyll-rich living food. Well I came home from an osteopathic session last week and wandered around the garden picking a bit of this and a bit of that, stick blended it up with a little water and added some fresh fruit and a little honey. I am hooked now, and my gut has responded beautifully. Gone is the uncomfortable bloating and thankfully the gas.  Kale is recommended as a major player in green smoothies, but I wanted to use only what was growing in the garden. This was to incorporate some of the edible weeds that I wax lyrical about on my blog. For my first smoothie, I picked a few leaves each of cos lettuce, silverbeet, kale, NZ spinach, parsley, dandelion, nasturtium, clover, puha and sorrel. The list is endless, you could add chickweed, coriander (cilantro), rocket, land cress, mizuna, any of the rocket mixes etc etc, pretty much whatever you have on hand. As always make sure you have a thorough knowledge of any weeds you use to ensure they are safe for consumption.  For the here's how read the full post.

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Cooked Beetroot Salad

Posted by Tricia on 26 May 2012 | 3 Comments

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This is my latest craze. Cooked beetroot salad. I've been having it nearly every day or a variation of for lunch for the last few weeks. Packed full of goodness, all the ingredients are usually close at hand. I cook enough beetroot and chickpeas to last me the week, and then pick the fresh ingredients each day to make a bowl of deliciousness. I've been used to cooking for a tribe and it's strangely difficult to make the change to cook and eat healthy food for one. I'm still making the adjustment and looking for ways to feed myself well. For me fresh and simple tastes best. I've been researching beetroot recently and it really is a wonder food, touted for keeping cholesterol at a healthy level. Eat it 3 times a week for maximum effect. I sure won't be finding that a difficulty!  For the recipe read the full post.

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