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Gnocchi alla Romana

Posted by Tricia on 24 October 2015 | 6 Comments

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Spring is the perfect time for making and eating this classic Italian dish. It needs a soft green spring salad as an accompaniment along with a simple red sauce. With eggs and milk at their best I just can't resist. This recipe is not for the gluten or dairy intolerant. It's rich and decadent but also plain and simple. I guess you could say it's classy peasant food.

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Vege Lasagne

Posted by Tricia on 12 March 2012 | 3 Comments

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Sounds dull doesn't it! Vege lasagne, It won't win awards for haute cuisine, but it does win awards in my book. What I'm looking for in a meal is something that tastes good, looks good, is nutritious, and is packed with fresh vegetables. This dish changes seasonally, is freezer friendly, child friendly, nutritious and delicious. I usually make two and divide one into single-sized portions to go in the freezer. For more details read the full post.

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