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Easy as Kimchi

Posted by Tricia on 30 December 2015 | 7 Comments

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From memory the first time I had this dish was while visiting my kids in London and being taken on one culinary adventure after another. I'm such a spoilt mama! Kimchi is another fabulous fermented food you can easily add to your diet. A Korean traditional dish, it was a way of preserving cabbage for the cold winter months pre-refrigeration. There are many different ways of making kimchi and many different potential ingredients. The one I have made here is super basic. I've chosen everyday ingredients but I'm happy with the results. I've found each time I help myself to a forkful from the jar it gives me a nice little lift. Most kimchi has a strong red coloration, perhaps from more cayenne than I've used? though this one has a pretty good bite to it with just 1/2 tsp. For recipe read the full post.

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Simply Sauerkraut

Posted by Tricia on 13 May 2014 | 3 Comments

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I have wanted to make sauerkraut for years and I have finally done it YAY! My friend Den came for a visit a few months back and showed me how. She whipped some up in no time. I'm so over all the fancy this and that that you can make these days. I'm sticking to the basic old-fashioned stuff from here on in. All she used was some cabbage, good salt and caraway seeds. I had the perfect container on hand that I bought especially for sauerkraut. I think it cost me $5 from our local second-hand shop. For recipe read the full post.IMG 5199

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Carolina's coleslaw

Posted by Tricia on 10 June 2011 | 89 Comments

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This is a coleslaw with a difference. If someone offers coleslaw to me I usually decline (politely of course!). Most often they're tasteless, soggy or slimy, cabbagey travesties of goodness only knows what. Some of my good friends have been employing au pairs for the last five years and this particular recipe was introduced by a young german au pair. It has become a keeper in more than one household around these parts. It is one of those recipes that you can't imagine not having in your repertoire. The coleslaw is fresh, chewy and delicious. Dense without being heavy, almost a meal in one and wonderfully healthy to boot. It has most of the colours in it, satisfies the palate and the stomach. It is a winter salad. Lettuce or mesclun just don't do it for me in the colder months. So when you are sick of cooked veg and you want something fresh, this is guaranteed to satisfy. For the recipe read the full post.

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