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Bitter Sweet Kumarahou.

Posted by on 19 August 2017 | 3 Comments

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I've held back for a long time from writing about any of our native medicine plants growing here in Aotearoa NZ. Kumarahou is a case in point. It's seen less and less, growing as it does, or at least trying to establish itself on clay banks alongside country roads. It can take years for the seeds to germinate. As long as 8 years I've been told so not such an easy plant to propagate in a nursery situation. Years ago I managed to purchase a few seedlings and have nurtured them carefully trying to find the right spot where they can flourish and maybe, just maybe set some of their own seed and grow some babies. I've used some of the leaves to make tonics and tinctures but never been greedy. The health and well-being of the mother plants are more important, and they are quite a sensitive plant requiring gentle treatment. Read the full post.

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PLANTAIN Plantago major

Posted by Tricia on 4 July 2011 | 2 Comments

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When I was a little girl, I remember feeding some chooks that belonged to my grandparents neighbours. The chooks were kept in a little A-frame house that was moved around the lawn. Always, the patch of ground underneath them was denuded of any vegetation. Those chooks were always looking for some greenery to eat and I knew what they loved most. Plantain. Not that I knew what it was called back then but I knew how satisfying it was watching those chooks gobble those leaves down. They could never have enough, and they surely knew what was good for them. So many children suffer from ear-aches. How wonderful would it be for a parent to have the knowledge and wisdom to go and pick a handful of plantain leaves, squeeze out the juice and apply a few drops directly inside the ear canal for effective pain relief. Plantain has proven anti-bacterial, antiviral and antiinflammatory properties just for starters. Yup it's more than chook food, that's for sure. It's the first one of Dr Christophers 10 most important herbs and one of the nine sacred herbs of the old Anglo Saxon text the Lacnunga. For more details read the full post.

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