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Figs in Port

Yes it’s true, Christmas is just around the corner. When my children were small we used to make almost all the pressies for friends and family. It was a way of getting the children involved in the spirit of Christmas and not so much into the stress around shopping and finding the ‘right’ present especially […]

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Preserved Lemons

There is no great mystery to preserving fruit. All it takes is some fresh unblemished produce, preserving jars, lids and seals. I have been preserving fruit more than twenty years and have never sterilized my jars. Never had any problems with bad food either. I simply give the jars a thorough wash in hot soapy […]

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More than just a lemon drink

When you are getting a cold, a sore throat, a cough or the flu this drink is wonderful. I make it in a huge mug and have one mug at least three times a day, if am suffering from any of the above. It feels so good to get this down you. Soothing, warming and […]

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