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Garlic lentils.

This recipe for garlic lentils is a delicious, healthy, hearty and economical meal to feed a family. I normally serve this with a baked potato or my peanut rice (recipe to follow) and a green salad or cole slaw. In my experience it’s a perfectly acceptable vegetarian option for many a diehard meat-eater. Leftovers are […]

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Garlic glorious Garlic

Oh how I love garlic, and salt, and oil. I can’t imagine preparing food without them. Good organic garlic, mineral rich sun-dried sea salt and cold-pressed oil. Organic avocado oil drizzled over fresh salads straight out of the garden. Whole roasted garlic cloves nestled amongst crunchy olive-oiled potatoes and sprinkled with a good grainy salt. […]

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More than just a lemon drink

When you are getting a cold, a sore throat, a cough or the flu this drink is wonderful. I make it in a huge mug and have one mug at least three times a day, if am suffering from any of the above. It feels so good to get this down you. Soothing, warming and […]

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