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THYME Thymus vulgaris

Three years ago, whilst doing a tour of the South Island to visit herbal clinics and health shops, I fell in love with thyme. We were driving across from Queenstown and I noticed thyme growing wild along the side of the road. Being me I had to stop the van and have a closer look […]

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RED CLOVER Trifolium pratense

Every fortnight as I write my plant blog I experience it as a little journey. First there’s the resistance to the work, then the slow drawn out beginning where I’m still in resistance mode then the buckling down. Then comes the pleasure of immersion in remembering, gathering and sharing information. This fortnightly blog discusses red […]

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More than just a lemon drink

When you are getting a cold, a sore throat, a cough or the flu this drink is wonderful. I make it in a huge mug and have one mug at least three times a day, if am suffering from any of the above. It feels so good to get this down you. Soothing, warming and […]

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