We make natural skincare

COMFREY Symphytum officinale

Comfrey was first brought to my attention after the birth of my son more than thirty years ago. My domiciliary midwife, the wonderful Joan Donnelly was a staunch advocate of eating weeds and comfrey was one of her favourites. She was a picture of health and as well as her weed salads she used to […]

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Make your own Calendula herbal tincture.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just gather up some of your seasonal medicinal herbs and stick them in a bottle and keep them for later use. Well you can, and it is literally that easy. The main concern is that you select the correct plant! Make sure you know your stuff. All plants have […]

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Making a potato patch

Living here in Tahekeroa, the western end of the Puhoi Valley, the soil is very uninspiring. It has a high clay content that allows no drainage in winter and then bakes and cracks very early on in Summer. The only way to have any success in the garden here is to mulch, mulch and mulch. […]

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