Te Herenga Waka o Orewa Marae.  If you are living on the Hibiscus Coast or in the Silverdale area here is your local marae. If you want to learn Māori language this is the place. The course is delivered in full immersion Ataarangi method, using the cuisinaire rods. I have to say it is fabulous, intense, brilliant fun and enriching in so many ways.

Our health clinic Te Whare Manawaora is now up and running at the marae. We provide rongoā māori, classical homeopathy, good old-fashioned advice and ho'oponono. 

Te Herenga Waka o Orewa provides local groups, educational and health providers the opportunity to have workshops or gatherings within the marae setting.

The vision for the marae is " to provide opportunities to explore the depth of culture and spiritual values which can only be experienced on the marae"


New Zealand Longevity Foundation is your go to shop for Micron Particle Vit C. It comes in convenient little sachets and is the best delivery vitamin C around. It's made here in Aotearoa.


Titoki Education & Learning aims to provide its local community with quality education about Rongoa Maori in the form of short courses and workshops for adults.

Titoki Education is based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.


Zero Limits is a book written by Joe Vitale with the information and understanding provided by Ihaleakala Hew Len. If you are wanting to understand and develop the  practise of Ho'oponopono  this is the book for you. Simplicity is key to this technique of practising forgiveness and releasing outdated thought patterns. 


Read here for a condensed History of homeopathy by Dana Ullman



The New Zealand Homeopathic Society Bookrooms are open every Wednesday between 10 and 4. They are located in Mt Eden and have an extensive reference library as well as a huge selection homeopathic of books for sale.


I can't recommend watching this presentation enough to anyone contemplating vaccinations


Free Documentaries at Lucid tree for the inquiring mind. Be the Change!


Information for many alternative cancer treatments. There are many choices for healthy treatments with much better outcomes than the medical profession may convey.


Chris Beat Cancer  I love this guy, so smart so inspiring and so much to share. Some great video links on his site.


Crackdown on Cancer.......everything you need to know you will most likely find here.


Another view on statins ......So many people are being advised to take statins to reduce their cholesterol. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Your diet is a better way to bring your cholesterol into balance.


Great site for vaccine information


Another view on Vaccines  


Parents watch this  and this before you vaccinate