Baby Bottom Balm

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Seriously soothing...

This wonderful hand made natural barrier balm, is perfect to use at every nappy change to protect your baby from nappy rash.  Not only does it protect, but the tried and true herbal essences of Aloe, Calendula, Koromiko and St Johns Wort combined with the beeswax and natural vitamins in the olive oil, allow a speedy and soothing recovery from nappy rash and irritations.

All plant materials used in this balm are either organically grown or harvested from the wild in a sustainable environment.

Aloe vera, the absolute favourite for burns, is a powerful addition to this little gem. It protects your precious babies bottom from the burns of acidic urine when baby is teething or when different foods are being introduced to the diet.

This balm is also gentle enough to use on babies chin and chest when baby is teething and these areas are constantly wet. Again, use it as a barrier balm to prevent the spotty skin that often develops at this time.


At every nappy change

Barrier balm

Nappy rash

Spotty bums



Dry or cracked skin

Babies red, inflamed anus


Organic Olive Oil
Tinctures of
Hypericum/St John's wort
Rose Light Essence

"My youngest child is very prone to nappy rash and Baby Bottom Balm is very effective in eradicating it. The ointment instantly soothes and is very healing."

Liz de Kort, Whangaparaoa

  • 65 gm Jar - $24.95 plus postage and packaging