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An Essential handy pack containing one of eachof the Everyday BalmAches and Pains, Viral and Fungus Salves in convenient 30 gram jars. A pack ideal for when traveling or for the young person when they first leave home.

Everyday Balm is a versatile and indispensible balm, a must for the First Aid kit and bathroom cupboard.

As the name implies, you will find a use for it for someone in the household every day!

Cuts, scratches, grazes, whitlows, hives, insect bites, burns, scalds, sunburn, eczema, sores, dry cracked itchy skin, cracked heels, dry lips..........are just a few of the conditions that benefit from a few applications of Everyday Balm.

Aches and Pains Balm is a blend of beeswax and olive oil that has been infused with deep trauma herbals.

Bruises, sprains, and strains of ligaments, tendons and muscles respond quickly to regular applications of this balm. Comfrey leaf (knit bone) supports the bone unions, achey old fractures, bruised bones. Kawakawa supports neuralgic pain like sciatica, jaw and toothaches.  Willowbark supports rheumaticy pains and stiff joints.

Fungus Salve is packed  full of plant extracts that work on supporting skin that is prone to fungal eruptions and conditions.

The creamy base of the balm is a blend of beeswax and Olive oil, infused with a blend of native New Zealand and European plant extracts. Athletes foot, fungal toenails, candida rashes, ringworm and fungal eruptions that often appear as white circular patches. Manuka is clinically known for its anti-fungal properties and Maire and Patete are used as traditional Maori rongoa for treating fungus and ringworm. Horopito is used for candida as an external and as an internal treatment

The Viral Salve works beautifully on herpetic complaints, cold sores, shingles, chicken pox and genital herpes. Summer can often trigger cold-sores as can a vacation on the ski-fields for those prone to these painful eruptions. The native Kawakawa and the St Johns Wort is used for the neuralgic pain that accompies these afflictions. The native Harakeke root, and the Koromiko works on inflammation and crusty sores, while the Calendula makes for healthy cellular growth and granulation. Many of these plant ingredients have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This lovely balm is a blessing for those in need.

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