Warrior Balm

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The Warrior Balm is a natural handmade balm especially designed for use on cuts and wounds involving deeper layers of tissue.

A blend of beeswax and olive oil hold the concentrated plant tinctures that are either grown organically in our Naturally by Trisha gardens, or harvested from our native bush in a sustainable way. This fabulous balm contains extracts of Calendula flowers proven to promote cell growth and to minimise scarring. The native Manuka is well known to have antiseptic activities and is useful for slow healing wounds like varicose ulcers. The much-maligned Comfrey root is here a welcome addition, traditionally renowned for bone healing and the stimulation of cell tissue growth. St John's wort is a verified nerve soother and healer, whilst our native Pukapuka and Plantain work well together on pusy sores and when ulcers and abcesses take hold.

Use wherever the healing needs to be activated on deeper levels of tissue. After operations, where surgical snippings are slow to heal, Lupus skin scars and rash, psoriasis and long standing pusy sores.

The dry crusty eruptions of psoriasis are softened and moisturised, allowing freer movement of this traumatised tissue.  Use anywhere cracks go deep - heels, and pruritis ani.


Varicose ulcers

Supports healthy scar tissue development

Surgical snippings


Pusy sores

Lupus scars and rashes

Boils and Abscesses

Stubborn rashes

Pruritis Ani



Olive Oil
Tinctures of
Comfrey Root


St Johns Wort

Rose Light Essence

"Over the years I have had numerous leg ulcers and found them very hard to heal. After going to my doctor and the Ulcer Clinic, I did not get much relief. I then decided to get in touch with my niece, Trisha Curtis who was a Homeopath. After discussing the situation, she gave me a small pot of The Wound Warrior Balm, which after only a short treatment, did absolute wonders. Within no time the ulcers healed and I have recommended this to other people. I can't thank my niece enough for this amazing healing process."

Margaret Burrows, Grey Lynn

  • 50 gm Jar - $NZ24.95 plus Postage and Packaging