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Vein Support........

Here at Naturally by Trisha, we take pride in the feedback we get from our satisfied customers, and this humble little product is one of our shining stars!

"Shrinking varicose veins"....."Easing the itch and throbbing pain of the varicose veins"....."shrinking haemorrhoids"..."stopping the bleeding haemorrhoids"..."easing the excruciating pain of chilblains"....are some of the loudest proclamations told to us of the good work done by this handmade balm.

Infused in a base of beeswax, almond and olive oil, plants are either grown organically here in our Naturally by Trisha garden, or harvested from our rejuvenatiing Native bush area.

Areas of the body that are compromised by poor blood circulation will be supported by this product.

Horse chestnut is well-documented for strengthening blood vessels and we have found this to be a vital ingredient in our balm  It tones up the underlying blood vessels, promoting improved circulation to the affected area. This is often the original cause of the problem, whether it be bleeding, dryness, itchiness, redness, rash, heat or throbbing.



Bleeding haemorrhoids



Varicose veins

Varicose dermatitis


Almond Oil

Olive Oil


Tinctures of






St Johns Wort

Bellis Perennis

Rose Light Essence


"I have been using Trisha's Pile It On for nearly three weeks. In that time I have experienced a significant reduction of swelling in the varicose veins.

I also have associated lesions on both legs - caused by varicose veins - and conducted a ten day experiment. I used a cortisone cream (prescribed by a skin specialist) on one leg and and Trisha's Ointment on the other. Trisha's cream proved more effective and by now the lesions are almost gone."

P Dowling, Army Bay, Auckland

  • 50 gm Jar - $NZ24.95  plus postage and packaging