Everyday Balm

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This versatile and indispensible balm is a must for the First Aid kit and bathroom cupboard.

Lovingly handmade and using a base of  beeswax and olive oil, this product is infused with the extracts of organically grown plants from our Naturally by Trisha gardens and regenerating bush area in Puhoi, North of Auckland.

As the name implies, you will find a use for it for someone in the household every day!

Cuts, scratches, grazes, whitlows, hives, insect bites, burns, scalds, sunburn, eczema, sores, dry cracked itchy skin, cracked heels, dry lips..........are just a few of the conditions that would benefit from a few applications of Everyday Balm.

Balms are perfect for baby's skin, effective, gentle and soothing for little ones who suffer from dry eczema.

Even a finger that is jammed in a door will find instant relief from an application of this balm.

The St John's wort is brilliant on damaged nerve endings. Splinters in a finger that throb at night and keep you awake - just apply this balm and you are back to sleep in no time.

A gardeners mate!

Apply to your hands and arms where you are scratched, and pricked to hasten the healing and prevent infection setting in. Brilliant for dry eczema, really soothes, moisturises and stops things turning nasty.

With the addition of the Aloe extract and our own native Makomako, it's a wonder worker for sunburn........................a real summer must.


Burns and scalds


Dry Eczema

Dry skin

Cracked heels/skin

Dry lips

Insect bites





Olive Oil


Tinctures of 



Red Clover

St Johns Wort


Rose Light Essence


Hi Trish

 I have been meaning for some time now to write to you regarding your everyday balm. (I call this my magic ointment)

My hubby was diagnosed with throat cancer a year ago and had to under go 35 sessions of radiation. With the result the radiation burnt his neck so badly. The hospital recommended using aquasious cream to sooth it. This was no help at all and someone at work recommended I use your cream. Well to my astonishment you could see the cream healing within the first few days.  Within 2 weeks it was all healed. He continued with the radiation and used the cream everyday till he completed his sessions.  What a fantastic cream. Anyone having burns from radiation should try this balm. Fantastic.   Cant praise it enough. You should actually put it on your label that it helps with radiation burns. We recommended it to the doctors and nurses at the hospital as well.


Debra. NZ


 "I came across your products in the chemist when in despair I went to find a soothing cream for my six months old boy.

He developed eczema which became nasty very quickly and I used a variety of different products on it with little change.

He scratched off a large patch of skin with itching and I didn't want to go down the track of getting prescribed medication for it. I used the everyday balm twice a day and after three days where he had scratched was healed with brand new skin (the scabs had gone), and was so smooth (it had been scaly for a couple of months).

I have recommended this to a couple of friends babies are also suffering skin irritations.

Many thanks for providing such wonderful natural products.

Kind Regards"

Cherise Prendergrast

Hillcrest, North Shore City


and another quote.......

"My baby has severe eczema all over her body caused by allergies.  I've been using the everyday balm and it is the first product which has cleared up her eczema, other than nasty steroids which I want to avoid using at all costs. She's 8mths old and has had her eczema since she was about 6wks old, and for the first time I can remember I can expose her skin without her trying to scratch herself till she bleeds.

I've attached before & after pictures to show you how wonderful your product truly is."

Andrea Staniford

Stanmore Bay, Auckland

  • 50 gm Jar - $NZ24.95 plus postage and packaging