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Elderflower soap


Our elderflower limited edition soap is ready now $24.95 NZ for 3x90gm bars plus postage and packaging


We have available another seasonally inspired limited edition soap. This soap captures the essence of early summer when the elder trees are in blossom and the lavender and geranium flowers are abuzz with bees. Gathering the fresh flowers of elder, geranium and lavendar we start by brewing up a strong tisane. Then we’ve blended essential oils of lavender, bergamot, lemon and geranium with fine french white and green montmorillonite clay and combine with beeswax, organic oatmeal, olive, hemp, avocado and coconut oils, cocoa and shea butter create a natural cleanse. Pure and gentle with the natural glycerin intact it is an exceptional soap.
Our real soaps are guaranteed palm oil free $24.95NZ for 3x90gm bars plus postage and packaging

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Weight 300 g