First Aid Wizardry

So here's the thing. I am the last person to use homeopathy on myself. I just never think of it! I usually soldier on until I have reached a crisis point and this is what happened for me recently while visiting my two eldest children in London. Last time I was there I bought some really comfortable Croc's walking sandals which were super comfortable and took me everywhere. I had the same sandals this time which I have worn during summers here with no problem. I immediately got a blisters on the balls of my feet. I pushed on and we were walking sometimes 12,000 steps a day but I was determined to get through it. I just can't bear wearing covered shoes/socks in the heat. They were huge, stinging like a bee sting and the skin was lifting right off. By this time my fingers were swelling as well from the heat. It wasn't until I starting have a stinging sensation every time I passed urine that the light bulb went off! Homeopathy.

I looked at the 3 main symptoms. 1/ Blisters on the sole with severe stinging pain 2/ fingers  oedematous 3/ Stinging pain on urination and it all clicked. APIS MELLIFICA the honey bee.

Needless to say it worked a treat. I took 5 doses daily for a few days and all the symptoms went very quickly. The pains, swelling and lastly the blisters. Even though I continued walking as before the blisters were able to now heal up.

During my holiday we were having lots of treats (of course) and one of them was an occasional cup of freshly brewed decaffeinated coffee. I normally don't drink coffee as it causes insomnia and massive energy lows. The decaf however seemed to be absolutely fine.  After I was home for 5 days I "treated" myself to some decaf and that very day I developed a neuralgia in the left side of my face. In top and bottom jaws, my teeth and around my eye. The pain was that horrible nerve pain with a sensation of numbness and tightness at the same time. What the heck was going on? After two days and the pain was getting worse and worse. On the third day when it was obvious this wasn't just going to go away I remembered. I got out my Repertory and read up on all the usual facial neuralgia suspects but none of them resonated. Then light bulb moment. There was COFFEA CRUDA or coffee..... for facial neuralgia in coffee drinkers. After one dose the pain eased off and after a few more doses completely gone. Wizardry. Really and truly, I just don't know how people get by without homeopathy.