About our Products

Which balm do I need?

It is my pleasure to offer these lovingly hand-made BALMS  that capture the healing properties of fresh-picked, organically grown, plants and flowers and fix them in a natural beeswax base. They are a store of  helpers that gently soothe and treat a variety of common skin ailments, "tried and true"  for over 15 years.

 The CREAMS that I have developed are carefully hand-made with natural plant oils and plant and flower extracts grown in our garden here at Naturally by Trisha or sourced from the wild and gathered using appropriate tikanga.  Each product contains energised plant or flower essences to enhance their capabilities. I hope you enjoy these products as much as I have, whilst trialling them amongst friends and family.

Our luxurious SOAPS are the latest and welcomed addition to our family of eco-friendly products. They are genuinely hand-made, rich with vegetable oils and butters, and divinely scented with pure essential oils.  All of our products are palm oil free. We are committed to the environment and our Mother Earth.  Indepth on soap.



Always store these natural products out of the sun and away from heat or light  sources,

preferably store them in a cool place.

Shake the creams before use as this helps maintain a creamy consistency.

When removing  balm from the jar make sure you have clean fingers.

Make sure and return the tops after use.

OUR GUARANTEE    If you are unsatisfied with any of our products  we will make a full refund.

These products are genuinely natural and do need to be treated a little differently than your usual off the counter cosmetic.  We have all become accustomed to chemically enhanced and preserved products, even down to the food we eat. Those chemicals are the ingredients that so many manufacturers endeavour to hide in the small print. 

We simply don't realise just how much has actually been compromised to enable something to sit indefinately on the shop shelf or in our cupboard. 

Naturally by Trisha products have integrity and vitality, they are old-fashioned and time-honoured.


Watch the VIDEOS of the workshop opening, Trish making a harakeke tincture, and Trish making a herbal balm.