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The Viral Salve used to be called IT WORKS and this is why

I received this heart-warming testimonial for the Viral Salve about a month ago and because it is the season for cold sores (herpes) I wanted to share this satisfied customer’s story.


Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know how amazed I was with your products.
A family member suggested I try the viral salve after she saw my cold sore. She said she used it years ago and she had never got another cold sore again. I couldn’t get your salve fast enough!!! I have suffered from cold sores for YEARS. Nothing has ever worked for me, nothing ever!. I have tried everything I could think of from every cream and lysine tablet etc, and going to a few different doctors and being prescribed courses of tablets to take for a month etc etc…….the list goes on.
I would have an outbreak once a month on average, and if I get a cold I can guarantee it would pop out as soon as I would wipe my nose! My cold sores would get so big and nearly always end up inside my nose and they are so painful.On the first day of the outbreak one side of my face depending on what side the cold sore was on, would go all cold and tingly sting to the touch, my eye would hurt and I just feel generally yuck. Then once the cold sore is out it would take a couple of weeks to heal up, after all the cracking and bleeding.
Anyway I brought some of your viral salve and it has been a saviour!
The last cold sore (which by the way was over 4 months ago) was soooo tiny and it healed up very fast.
Thank you so much!!
I really thought nothing would ever work on me.
Kind regards
M.B. Taranaki

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