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Spring 2008 Newsletter

Kia Ora everyone.Wow hasn’t Spring arrived with a bang! Here at our Naturally by Trisha gardens we have plums, pears, peaches, apples, nashi’s, macadamias all in varying stages of blossom, with Egyptian musk rose weaving through some of the fruit trees. The scent in the air is so heady, it never fails to fill me with hope and joy. Another cycle beginning in the garden.

The spring vege seedlings are all sitting patiently in the porch, kindly restraining themselves, to give me just a little more time to get their beds weeded, dug over and fertilized (with all our lovely chook poo) The winter bed has suddenly come alive with the new warmth, the beetroots are fat, the winter greens tall and lush.

The vege garden wasn’t a great success this winter. Too wet for it’s liking perhaps. We have been also been busy making fresh tinctures for our balms with weeds, cultivated plants and natives. What a blessing and a gift that we have all these powerful natural healers, right on our doorsteps, available and so needed these days. Simple and uncomplicated, they do the job they are given to do by mother nature, no less and no more.

I want to remind you which balms you might want to think about using as the weather warms up. I don’t know why I do, but every Spring I underestimate the power of the sun and get sunburned very early on. The Everyday Balm is what I reach for, it is so good at minimizing the effects and the discomfort of sunburned skin. Three applications over the first 24 hours and chances are, even if quite severely burnt, you won’t peel. Mosquito and sandfly bites notoriously itchy all respond to the everyday balm. Really you shouldn’t go anywhere without this little gem.

Also all you gardeners, it’s also brilliant for use on your gardeners hands, be they cut, dry, pricked, or just plain needing a bit of TLC. Another one for the gardeners is the Aches and Pains. After a hard day in the garden, a nice hot bath and some Aches and Pains rubbed on neck, shoulders, lower back, arms and hands you will wake the next day with a body that is ready for more.

Solar X is a product that we should be using all year round to minimise damage to those areas prone to sun exposure. This balm is packed with plants with antioxidant activities. I advise that people use it morning and night, some people actually use it as a night balm, Someone from Australia who was living in the Outback wrote and said it was the best face cream she had ever used, for wrinkles! etc.

Which leads me to some very exciting new from us here at Naturally by Trisha. We are soon to be launching two new products….our first cream based products…. The first cream is forever face cream for mature skin, or skin that is dry and sun-damaged. My daughter who is only twenty-three years old has dry skin and already shows fine lines and wrinkles on her forehead and has freckles that are growing together on her forehead from sun-damage. She will definitely be a candidate for this cream, even though she is only twenty three. This gorgeous cream will be a combination/re-mix of the Solar-x and the Mothers Belly Balm.

The Mothers Belly Balm supports blood vessels like capillaries (which cause redness under the skin) and tones up tissue, while the solar-x takes care of sun damage. In a base of olive, almond, and avocado oils and the addition of colloidal silver and Vitamin C this is an exciting addition to the range.

The second new cream, coming soon….is a Teenage Cream. A product that we are often asked to make. Well now we are, and it is jam packed with nature’s simple skin healers. We have used plants that deal with inflammation, scarring, and the itch that often goes with acne sores and pimples. Manuka, Harakeke, Calendula and Kawakawa, as well as Colloidal Silver (a proven anti-bacterial) and Vitamin E.

We love feed-back here at Naturally by Trisha, we want to know what you need us to make and get out there on the market. We take pride in keeping our ingredients simple and understandable, we choose to use the gifts of Papatuaanuku as she offers them – without refining or altering. We believe that’s what makes our products unique and effective. Mother nature at her best……… We thank you our customers for your trust and loyalty. Blessings Trisha

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